321. Cool

Feb. 10th, 2010 03:51 pm
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Cool was the look on his mother's face as she sent him away to boarding school.

Cool was the look on her face when he asked about Jacob, husband number three.

Cool was the default expression on Tio Mauricio's face as he explained that Blaise would not inherit much from them, because he was not truly a Zabini by blood, but since his Papa had claimed him and he was a loyal decent child despite his whore of a mother...he might be given a place in the company after graduation. If he proved himself to the family.

Cool was the look that he'd perfected for dealing with the rest of his class members except for Millie who knew him too well to believe it all the time.

Cool was the look his wife shot him after he gave the twins enchanted roller skates.

Cool was the look that his daughter gave him when he showed up to meet her boyfriend carrying his swords.

Cool was the phrase uttered by his youngest when he arranged for them to tour a dragon preserve.

Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter
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Dear Brayden,

Thank you for the lovely note informing me that I am going to be a grandfather again. I truly appreciated it. It was good of you to think of your poor father stuck in the bowels of hell dealing with incompetents. Unfortunately your letter got to me after your mother's, aunt's, and sister Alana's.

Have you and your lovely Claire given any thought to actually coming home and possibly settling down any time soon? It would be nice to see you two and the grandchild in person instead of just through letters and photos.

Your mother is already sighing happily and looking over old baby pictures and dusting off old baby items and talking with your aunts and your sisters. I think that she is going to invoke maternal privilege and insist you move back somewhere the family has a house so that she can come and visit often. She also knows that while Claire is good at what she does, she'd like to have one of the family physicians examine just to be on the safe side.

For my part, the Zabini estate in Cornwall, just right there on the coastline, near Tintagel, will pass to you on the event of my demise...you might consider it opening it up and taking it as a temporary home. Just to appease your mother and aunts. I have keyed it to recognize both you and Claire for Apparition. Anyone will have to come up and knock on the gate. This way of course allows the two of you to maintain your privacy.

Let me know of course what you all will do. I promise to aid both of you within the extent of my power.

With affection and love,

Your father

Blaise Zabini
CEO, Zabini Enterprises
111 Hunt Street
London, England

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What have I outlived?

I've outlived seven years of school with Snape, Crabbe, Goyle, Malfoy, and Saint Potter - which I assure you was easier said than actually done. I have outlived the war that happened, not Voldemort and the Death Eaters, I mean the war that happened after that. The Muggleborn wars, where being pureblood was almost a crime, and hate crimes were at an all time high. It came to fighting in the street and rioting. It was a bad thing to be a wizard in Britain.

I survived the losing my first love and then finding her once again only to realize that she didn't know who I was or what we had shared. To this day, she's never remembered. I see her every now and then in passing. She's happy with her husband and the small ones and every time I see her smiling...it hurts just a little less.

I outlived my mother, may she burn in hell. I have outlived all of her husbands too.

I have outlived several attempts on my life. Including my son, Brayden trying to inadvertently blow up the house, and the twins' pet dragon and gryphon.

I've outlived my father in law trying to murder me for knocking up his baby girl before we were "legally wed." My father coming after me with a vengeance because he thought I was one of the sleeper Death Eater agents that hadn't been marked but were working to foment more rebellion among the already unstable society.

So yeah...I've outlived a lot so far.
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"This is..."

"A baby gryffin, Da."

"He followed us -"

"-home. Can we-"

"keep him?"

Blaise had a headache. The fact that his two twin sons were standing there in front of him, filthy and scraped up while petting the gryffin that was...Blaise might have called it purring if it had been a cat or even part Kneazle...well it wasn't helping.

He wanted to say no, he did. Gryffins weren't exactly tame or domesticated beasts and they had a tendency to grow large and have particular senses of humor and he knew, knew that it'd be more trouble that it was worth later on.

But those pleading eyes and the innocent looking faces and the fact that apparently they had gone to a lot of trouble with keeping the baby gryffin from harming itself or the rest of the room...though Blaise didn't quite believe them fully when they said it followed them home.

"For now, you may. I will talk with your mother tonight and we will decide if the gryffin can stay past that." His wife was going to be amused when she heard about this. She'd fielded the last Twin escapade with the baby dragon that had wandered home, and neither of them had believed it would be long until the twins had gone and done something else.

Though he had to admit that the gleeful looks on the boys' faces and the way they and the baby gryffin bounced out of the room was cute.

Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter
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Anyone that knew Blaise Zabini knew that Blaise took to bright sunny days like a cat. If it was bright and sunny, then Blaise was outside, heedless of what classes or meetings that he had that day. He passed this love onto his youngest son, Brayden, who like his father preferred the outdoors to indoors on sunny days.

His eldest, Alana, shared his particular fondness for rainy days and Sundays. On rainy days and Sundays, it took a magical crowbar to pry Blaise out of bed any earlier than two in the afternoon. Those days were for snuggling his wife and whatever kids had decided to join them that morning. Cian and Will were known for dragging him into board games played on the messed up sheets and blankets. Brayden preferred reading or a lively discussion of magical theory once he got older. It was also Blaise's preferred place for discussions with his wife.
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Is Redemption truly possible?
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Forced out of something? A Zabini? Are you serious? No one would force me out of something I truly wanted entry to. No one would dare.

At least no one not already a Zabini.
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Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter
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[So very very locked from his wife and all her Sisters and all the kids]

I think that I'm too old to have another newborn around the house. Even Aiyana is grown now and out of the house. I have grandchildren and in a few cases great grandchildren. I'm in my prime as a wizard, we've got no worries financially, everyone is healthy, and we are mostly content with life. My...father and my father-in-law are well and I'm enjoying the relationship that my father and I have developed over the past few years. I'm so glad that we found each other, my mother had covered her tracks well but it wasn't as hard as she might have wished it was to find him.
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Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter
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10. Potter. You were right. And thanks. Z.
9. Granger, my darling Gryffindor, that last Arithmantical proof of yours? Totally and utterly wrong. You forgot to balance the equation. All my love, Blaise (who did solve it correctly).
8. Mom? I hope you rot in Hell for a long damn time.
7. Papa Zabini? I miss you and I hope you're proud of the man I've become. I tried to follow in your example. You were the best part of my childhood. I wish we had had more time together.
6. Dad, I love you even when you cheat at pool.
5. No, Jamie, you can't have the grindylow, I know you think they're cool. They're also dangerous and untameable. Absolutely not.
4. Kimber, I want my painting back. Seriously, it took me ten years to find it. I want it back.
3. Dylan, for the love of everything holy, if you're going to show up bloody, come find me first and we'll patch you up before we send you home to Alana. I *was* a good hand at some of the battlefield mediwizardry during the war and she worries. So do I.
2. Luna, I'm sorry. I acted in what I thought was best. I...I never intended things to work out the way they did. I hope you and Neville are happy. I still love you even if you can't remember it.
1. You never deserved her, Dylan.

Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter
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Am I an only child? Yes, thank Merlin. I don't want to think of what my mother might have done to any sibling I had. Especially after she miscarried my brother or sister when Papa Zabini died. She swore then that she'd never go through that kind of pain again. And I'm glad she did. I suppose she had enough on her hands, just trying to remember on occasion that she had me. I don't think I was anything but a nuisance to her until I came of age and was able to be useful to her. Or so she thought. She tried to make me a proper little acolyte of the Baron, not thinking that her mother and great-aunt would have already subverted her in this manner, dedicating me to the service of Legba.

She ranted and raved for days when she realized that. By their quick thinking, I was protected, a younger sibling might not have been so lucky. My biological father told me later on, that his family also had a patron spirit that he'd always prayed to for me, even when he hadn't known of my existence. Praying for his potential children and the family he left back in his mother country.

So I was doubly blessed, by my Loa and my father's ancestral patron spirit. Anyone else in my family and my mother would have eaten them alive, sucking their minds and souls and eventually bodies to use in her black arts.

Instead she just had a useless son that she couldn't touch. A living reminder of her previous life.

Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter
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Thirteen has interesting connotations for me. It was when I was thirteen that I first started hearing about the revival of cults long thought dead. I was thirteen when my fourth stepfather died. He was partially eaten by a grue or at least that was the story that was put about in select society.

I was thirteen when I realized the true extent of my mother's dangerous beauty. It was that summer before my third year at Hogwarts that my Nana and Tante initiated me into the ways of Papa Legba.

And it was a very happy thirteenth day of the first month of the new year that my wife gave birth to my third son, Brayden Eli Zabini. I'm quite proud of him, he's really blossomed into a fine man over the years (mostly his mother's doing). Duel and I have given him the best of what we know, as part Kinani and part Wizard, he and his siblings are very unique and the combination of his mother's and my own powers have resulted in some very interesting magical gifts for all of our children. Brayden's empathy is one of his greater gifts and he's used it to great effect all across the globe. He and Claire are our wandering children, traveling the world, helping people. Claire is a Muggle Healer, a nurse-practitioner is her title among the Muggles and her gifts combined with Bray's have meant very good things for a lot of the people that they have helped. They send us postcards and owls where and when they can.

Eventually the two of them will stop in one place, long enough for us to give them a proper engagement party and a wedding. [Locked from Duel and the Sisters and all of his children] Though according to Bray's blushes and Claire's giggling, I think they have already been married in some tribal fashion on one of their expeditions. This thought highly amuses both grandfathers and myself. [/locked]

I am not worried about either of them, past wanting them to be safe. Between Dulinte and I, we have provided our children with more of a background in defensive and offensive magical and non magical attacks. Brayden can look after himself, he's beaten me more than once with a blade, the times we've sparred and only Alana out of my other children has managed to do that.

So yes the number thirteen has a number of different connotations for me. Some good, some bad, some neutral.

Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter
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It was time. He'd led a long and full life. Kept the family business running and running well and now it was time to go. He looked around his office one last time, smiling to himself. He'd had some good times in this office and he was proud of this company that he had helped to build back up. He'd revitalized it and taken it in some new directions, opening it up to new markets untapped by other Wizarding businesses. They were mostly an inport/export after all. They could tap into the Muggle markets without ever breaking the Statures of Secrecy. It was a fine company and he was proud to have had a part in it. Now his part in all of this was ending.

It was time to go.

Today was his last day at the office. And while he was a little sad to see it go, he relished the fact that he could free up his days to play more with his youngest and...his wife. He was looking forward to it, Duel had once told him that she would retire when he did.

That day was today. He hadn't told her yet. He was preparing a good dinner with wine and candles and Kimber was babysitting Jamie. So they'd dine, he'd tell her, and then they'd have great make up sex after she tried to pick a fight with him about it.

He picked up his briefcase and left the room. Aiyana would be moving into it tomorrow. He wished her all the luck in the world.

Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter
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1. In my sleep.
2. Jumping in front of a curse meant for one of my children or my wife.
3. A gun shot
4. A knife
5. the Killing Curse
6. by an acolyte of the Baron
7. Poison
8. Drowning
9. Hanging
10. A Tyburn Execution
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If I were a fictional character, I would be...myself.

No, really. I quite enjoy being myself, the good and the bad. Why would I want to be anyone other than myself? I have a beautiful wife, healthy and brilliant children, a larger network of family and friends that I would have ever expected to at this age. Being Blaise Zabini is a good thing now. It didn't use to be, but now it is and I'm happy that that is so. Going through the bad had only made me appreciate the good all the much more.

It's been good these last few years, seeing Alana graduate and then get married, seeing the twins become the men I always knew were in there, seeing Brayden happy and content as he travels the world with Claire. Aiyana and I fight but we always make up afterwards, she'll be a brilliant businesswoman one day.

Jamie...Jamie is a lovable ball of sheer energy and joy. Even if I'm going to strangle Cian for giving him wheels Seeing my father as Minister of Magic and coming to have a decent relationship with the man has also done a lot for me.

So yeah, I wouldn't want to be any one other than myself.

Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter

259. Hope

Nov. 29th, 2008 02:48 pm
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Hope is the thing with feathers

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Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter
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105. TEN things you would leave to your loved ones (and who they are) when you die.
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132. TEN things you want right now.
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139. TEN places you'd like to have sex.
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Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter
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It had been an awesome evening, one might say. There had been a party that he and Duel had gone to, sans children of any ages or types (not that he didn't love them all dearly, the ones that were his and the ones that were hers, they were all theirs anyway). There had been good music, good food, good wine, and some excellent dancing. He missed little things like this sometimes just dancing with his red headed goddess carefree, no real crises, nothing pressing to solve or do, just them in that place at that time, dancing and being.

The after party in the luxurious hotel room had also been awesome, with sides of amazing, superlative, and Oh Merlin was that legal? They'd loved until the sun came up and then fell asleep, her snuggled closely into him.

He suspected that Jamie had been conceived that night. Which was equally awesome because for all the fear and pain bringing his little whirlwind into the world caused, he'd not trade his little man for anything else.

It had also been awesome to shock the living daylights out of Kimber. Again.

Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter
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Names have meaning and power in my world. The power of a true name is very compelling. Names also have to fit. They have to describe the person within. SO that being said, here are names that I have either given to my children or would give to my children.


1. William
2. Cian
3. Brayden
4. Jamie
5. David


1. Alana
2. Aiyana
3. Giselle
4. Kylie
5. Eileen

Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter
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...So that was how we came to say goodbye to the likes of Mauricio. Not a bad sort, but definitely no match for my mother, his poor heart gave out under all the excitement of having a younger, more vibrant wife. The Aurors gave the house a through examination and the Mediwizards cleared my mother of all alleged wrongdoing. It'd been a whirlwind romance and of course they had been just far too carried away to sit down and soberly discuss all manner of things like the state of one's health.

So my mother claimed. I was never quite sure what really happened with him. As far as I knew, she'd not gotten bored with him yet and he hadn't been the violent sort or anything other than loving and adoring to my mother and pleasant to me.

And that was how her second husband had died. It was then that slowly I could see her soul breaking away bit by bit. At least that's when it started. She started to throw herself more and more into her rituals. It was slightly scary to see her doing all of this. I was still a young child, around the ages of 7,8. She had no more time for me.

Which I didn't exactly take well to. It continued like this for about a year until I met David. David was a mediwizard at one of the smaller hospitals, my nanny had brought me in because I'd shattered one of my wrist bones playing with my toy broom on the playground. David was nice to me, one of the few to be truly nice to me. He fixed me up and gave me a sweet from Honeydukes and then sent me home after getting my contact information from the nanny.

He came to check in on me the very next day. He even helped me with my flying. I ended up giggling madly when he hefted me over his shoulder and twirled me around and around. That was how Mother found us.

Initially she wasn't happy. But David was unapologetic as he explained why he was there and then she seemed to warm up towards him a little.

Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter


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