Sep. 16th, 2009

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"This is..."

"A baby gryffin, Da."

"He followed us -"

"-home. Can we-"

"keep him?"

Blaise had a headache. The fact that his two twin sons were standing there in front of him, filthy and scraped up while petting the gryffin that was...Blaise might have called it purring if it had been a cat or even part Kneazle...well it wasn't helping.

He wanted to say no, he did. Gryffins weren't exactly tame or domesticated beasts and they had a tendency to grow large and have particular senses of humor and he knew, knew that it'd be more trouble that it was worth later on.

But those pleading eyes and the innocent looking faces and the fact that apparently they had gone to a lot of trouble with keeping the baby gryffin from harming itself or the rest of the room...though Blaise didn't quite believe them fully when they said it followed them home.

"For now, you may. I will talk with your mother tonight and we will decide if the gryffin can stay past that." His wife was going to be amused when she heard about this. She'd fielded the last Twin escapade with the baby dragon that had wandered home, and neither of them had believed it would be long until the twins had gone and done something else.

Though he had to admit that the gleeful looks on the boys' faces and the way they and the baby gryffin bounced out of the room was cute.

Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter


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