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10. Potter. You were right. And thanks. Z.
9. Granger, my darling Gryffindor, that last Arithmantical proof of yours? Totally and utterly wrong. You forgot to balance the equation. All my love, Blaise (who did solve it correctly).
8. Mom? I hope you rot in Hell for a long damn time.
7. Papa Zabini? I miss you and I hope you're proud of the man I've become. I tried to follow in your example. You were the best part of my childhood. I wish we had had more time together.
6. Dad, I love you even when you cheat at pool.
5. No, Jamie, you can't have the grindylow, I know you think they're cool. They're also dangerous and untameable. Absolutely not.
4. Kimber, I want my painting back. Seriously, it took me ten years to find it. I want it back.
3. Dylan, for the love of everything holy, if you're going to show up bloody, come find me first and we'll patch you up before we send you home to Alana. I *was* a good hand at some of the battlefield mediwizardry during the war and she worries. So do I.
2. Luna, I'm sorry. I acted in what I thought was best. I...I never intended things to work out the way they did. I hope you and Neville are happy. I still love you even if you can't remember it.
1. You never deserved her, Dylan.

Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter
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Names have meaning and power in my world. The power of a true name is very compelling. Names also have to fit. They have to describe the person within. SO that being said, here are names that I have either given to my children or would give to my children.


1. William
2. Cian
3. Brayden
4. Jamie
5. David


1. Alana
2. Aiyana
3. Giselle
4. Kylie
5. Eileen

Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter


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