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It had been late at night and he had woken up screaming from a bad dream. This was actually the third night of bad dreams and all he wanted was for his mamae to come and hold him tightly like she always would and chase away the bad dreams with a cup of tea and a lullaby. He opened his eyes, blinking away tears, but his mamae wasn’t there.

No one was there.

Grabbing his stuffed dragon (birthday gift from Draco a year ago), he shuffled out of his room and towards his mother’s suite. He was stopped by their House-Elves before he’d even gotten close. They tried to take him back to his room, but he refused to let them, kicking and screaming for his mamae, he made a terrible scene there in the hallway.

His mamae had come out and icily demanded to know what was going on. He had tried to tell her, but all she’d done was order the House-Elves to use whatever force necessary to take him back to his room and keep him there. Later he’d been told that his mamae had been entertaining one of the rich suitors that had wanted to marry the young pureblooded widow and that she had specifically ordered that she not be disturbed.

That was the first time that Blaise had truly been disappointed, but it was not the last.

Time passed, husbands came and went, and Blaise grew more and more disillusioned with his world. When his grandmother insisted her grandson come live with her for a while, he didn’t protest. Anything was better than watching his beautiful mother (no longer mamae) play her games and cast her nets and sell herself to the highest bidder.

He didn’t return until it was time for him to go to Hogwarts. By then he was a master at concealing his true feelings, he played the dutiful son, the good student, the young arrogant Pureblood heir flawlessly. No one suspected that if given the chance, Blaise would gladly disappear from this place in a heartbeat. No one suspected the depth of his disillusionment with the kind of life he was expected to lead.

Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter


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