165. Night

Feb. 18th, 2007 07:52 pm
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He was running throughout the hallways of the school, screaming for someone, anyone to come and help him, to help him save her. No one came, Blaise screamed and he screamed, but no one heard him.

Blaise shot straight up in bed, panting heavily. He’d had another vision. He glanced at his watch on the bedside table; it read 3:25 a.m. Perfect, he mused to himself, it’s the middle of the night and after what I just saw, I’m likely not to get back to sleep. Pressing his palms into his forehead, he wept silently. The Loa had given him this gift and now it seemed like they were cursing him with it. But then the gift of Seeing never came without a hefty price, it, in and of itself was both blessing and curse. This however, this was almost too much for him to bear, these latest dream visions that he had been having.

…She was there, absolutely radiant in her long, white, flowing gown, a beautiful wreath of white blossoms encircling her brow, her wild and untamed curls streaming down behind her. She walked toward him with a brilliant smile on her face, the smile she only wore for him, her deep brown eyes clearly conveying her love and devotion to him. Life in that one instant was perfect. Only to have such perfection shattered in the next instant as he saw her taken by the one he’d called friend. Taken, beaten, defiled, and then finally slaughtered outright. No green glow of painless release for her, she was too good for that. Her body slashed open, her vital organs slowly failing as her life’s blood spilled out onto the green, green grass. Her eyes glossed over with excruciating pain, her beautiful face now ashen as she struggled to continue breathing. He tried to look away, not wanting to see any more than he already had, but he could not, forced to watch as she finally surrendered to the pain and breathed her last. He was in agony, voice hoarse from the screams he hadn’t known until now he’d screamed…

He did not know where this would happen or who it was that would betray him, but he did know who the girl was and it shattered his heart to pieces every time he thought of it. They never stopped, the visions. Asleep or waking, they were always there, in the background, always dogging his every step. In a thousand visions, a thousand different lives, he’d been a lover, a husband, a father, a murderer, a rapist, a sadistic monster hell-bent on destruction. The possibilities were endless, infinite… It was almost funny even; the thing about these visions was that no matter what you did, you can never unsee them, the future was fluid to a certain point, yes, but unless he could find a surefire way of making her safe, the vision would come to pass.

He couldn’t let that happen.


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