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Dear Brayden,

Thank you for the lovely note informing me that I am going to be a grandfather again. I truly appreciated it. It was good of you to think of your poor father stuck in the bowels of hell dealing with incompetents. Unfortunately your letter got to me after your mother's, aunt's, and sister Alana's.

Have you and your lovely Claire given any thought to actually coming home and possibly settling down any time soon? It would be nice to see you two and the grandchild in person instead of just through letters and photos.

Your mother is already sighing happily and looking over old baby pictures and dusting off old baby items and talking with your aunts and your sisters. I think that she is going to invoke maternal privilege and insist you move back somewhere the family has a house so that she can come and visit often. She also knows that while Claire is good at what she does, she'd like to have one of the family physicians examine just to be on the safe side.

For my part, the Zabini estate in Cornwall, just right there on the coastline, near Tintagel, will pass to you on the event of my might consider it opening it up and taking it as a temporary home. Just to appease your mother and aunts. I have keyed it to recognize both you and Claire for Apparition. Anyone will have to come up and knock on the gate. This way of course allows the two of you to maintain your privacy.

Let me know of course what you all will do. I promise to aid both of you within the extent of my power.

With affection and love,

Your father

Blaise Zabini
CEO, Zabini Enterprises
111 Hunt Street
London, England
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