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Thirteen has interesting connotations for me. It was when I was thirteen that I first started hearing about the revival of cults long thought dead. I was thirteen when my fourth stepfather died. He was partially eaten by a grue or at least that was the story that was put about in select society.

I was thirteen when I realized the true extent of my mother's dangerous beauty. It was that summer before my third year at Hogwarts that my Nana and Tante initiated me into the ways of Papa Legba.

And it was a very happy thirteenth day of the first month of the new year that my wife gave birth to my third son, Brayden Eli Zabini. I'm quite proud of him, he's really blossomed into a fine man over the years (mostly his mother's doing). Duel and I have given him the best of what we know, as part Kinani and part Wizard, he and his siblings are very unique and the combination of his mother's and my own powers have resulted in some very interesting magical gifts for all of our children. Brayden's empathy is one of his greater gifts and he's used it to great effect all across the globe. He and Claire are our wandering children, traveling the world, helping people. Claire is a Muggle Healer, a nurse-practitioner is her title among the Muggles and her gifts combined with Bray's have meant very good things for a lot of the people that they have helped. They send us postcards and owls where and when they can.

Eventually the two of them will stop in one place, long enough for us to give them a proper engagement party and a wedding. [Locked from Duel and the Sisters and all of his children] Though according to Bray's blushes and Claire's giggling, I think they have already been married in some tribal fashion on one of their expeditions. This thought highly amuses both grandfathers and myself. [/locked]

I am not worried about either of them, past wanting them to be safe. Between Dulinte and I, we have provided our children with more of a background in defensive and offensive magical and non magical attacks. Brayden can look after himself, he's beaten me more than once with a blade, the times we've sparred and only Alana out of my other children has managed to do that.

So yes the number thirteen has a number of different connotations for me. Some good, some bad, some neutral.

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