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Am I an only child? Yes, thank Merlin. I don't want to think of what my mother might have done to any sibling I had. Especially after she miscarried my brother or sister when Papa Zabini died. She swore then that she'd never go through that kind of pain again. And I'm glad she did. I suppose she had enough on her hands, just trying to remember on occasion that she had me. I don't think I was anything but a nuisance to her until I came of age and was able to be useful to her. Or so she thought. She tried to make me a proper little acolyte of the Baron, not thinking that her mother and great-aunt would have already subverted her in this manner, dedicating me to the service of Legba.

She ranted and raved for days when she realized that. By their quick thinking, I was protected, a younger sibling might not have been so lucky. My biological father told me later on, that his family also had a patron spirit that he'd always prayed to for me, even when he hadn't known of my existence. Praying for his potential children and the family he left back in his mother country.

So I was doubly blessed, by my Loa and my father's ancestral patron spirit. Anyone else in my family and my mother would have eaten them alive, sucking their minds and souls and eventually bodies to use in her black arts.

Instead she just had a useless son that she couldn't touch. A living reminder of her previous life.

Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter


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