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My daughter, Alana.

No seriously, my eldest sometimes scares the living daylights out of me. She's this fascinating blend of her mother and me. She's got all of my brains and all of her mother's fearlessness and that's a very scary combination sometimes. She's been trained on both Earth and Kinan, her mother and I have given her every bit of training she could possibly need to survive.

Duel is from a different planet? Dimension? Whatever...she's lived on the battlescars of a war not yet over, a broken place, different, dangerous. I'm the child of an Auror and a priestess of the order of Baron Samedi. I grew up during the days of Voldemort and Potter. My world is not truly safer, old prejudices die hard here. My generation is a group of children forced to grow old before their time. We still bear the marks. We always will.

Our children are equipped to deal with whatever situation they come against. So when my daughter decided that she wanted to become a magical researcher and join a Consortium located in Cairo with ties to the University there as she studied different ways of integrating Muggle technology and Magical charms, potions, and what have you. I was thrilled for her, thrilled and scared. Her work, while revolutionary, is also highly secret and dangerous.

There are people who will go to any length to protect what they hold dear and Alana is seen as a threat to them. Thank the Merlin she has Dylan there with her. He's got her back (and as my daughter would say her front too) and he will protect her...has protected her for a while and will continue to protect her.

So yes, while I love my daughter and cherish her, she does quite frequently scare me.

Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter


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