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Three things I am looking forward to? In the near future? I mean I know my wife would probably say, weddings and grandchildren and a house to ourselves for once.

But personally? In the very near future I am looking forward to...

My afternoon cup of Brasilian coffee, freshly ground, with a heap of sugar and no cream or milk of any sort. I mean really, if humans could ever approach the ambrosia of the gods, this was to be in the top runnings for it. Strong and smooth and mouth-wateringly delicious.

Sitting in my comfy chair and finishing my book. For a muggle, Dick Francis writes extraordinarily well, I've gotten hooked into reading his mysteries and I'm gobbling them up as Neville or Hermione might put it.

Making love to my wife when she gets home from her job and there's a solid hour between her getting home and when people start knocking on the door to ask her questions. I've finally gotten her sisters and all of the children to learn and appreciate the art of knocking and then waiting for permission to open the door. As much as my wife would blush if she heard me mentioning it, that one time when one of her sisters decided to come barging in to my study to find my beautiful Dulinte...and caught us in flagrante delicto. I don't believe I've ever seen someone go so red so quickly. I am grateful that it wasn't Kimber. Kimber would have offered suggestions and then made popcorn, sadistic jewel that she is. Dulinte's good friend and Sister would have thrived in Slytherin. Almost too well.

But yes, those are the three things that I am looking forward to in the immediate future.

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