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Well it'd probably be easier to ask me what lies my mother didn't tell me. I mean she lied about my father, she lied about arranging for the deaths of all of my stepfathers except for Giuilermo. He's the only one that died of actual natural causes. I miss him. He was older than my mother by at least 2-3 decades, but he was good to me. He died when I was five.

That was when the real lies started to pile up. Lies about what my mother was doing, who she was seeing, what really was going on when she spent hours by herself down in the catacombs beneath the manor house.

About whether or not she really was working for Riddle or not.

My father on the other hand has only ever told me one lie.

I asked him how it felt to be the one that'd taken her out. He told me that at the end of the day she'd just been another Death Eater and that he slept fine at night, knowing that she'd been neutralized.

I never asked if he loved her or not, it's too personal a question right now. When Dad's ready, he'll tell me. Besides we've only just now found each other again, Dad and I. There's not much of anything I'd do to jeopardize our relationship.

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