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Now there’s an interesting question. How exactly does one answer this question fully? I mean a single person is a kaleidoscope of different positions and masks and functions that they serve in or are. They are a product of their times and families and their various upbringings. It’s a very multi-layered question, simple and yet not.

To break it down a little further, here are my answers to what I believe are the main events and things that make up who I am.

What does a Slytherin live for?

Power, wealth, prestige,

The satisfaction of a game well-played.

The knowledge that all of one's enemies have been neutralized in ways that can, in no manner be traced back to oneself.

What does a Purebred Wizard live for?

Power, wealth, a beautiful wife and offspring to carry on the family line and name, security.

What does a Survivor of the Horcrux Search and Battle live for?

The satisfaction that Voldemort is dead, and that as far as we can help it, nothing like this will ever happen again. That no one will have to suffer like our parents and we ourselves did. That our children can grow up in a more secure environment. That Good has won for now and Evil is vanquished if not permanently, at least for a while.

What does a Human Male live for?

Sex, wealth, a happy good long life, maybe a family, job security, well security in general, I suppose.

What does Blaise live for?

Coffee, love and lady Erzulie, Papa Legba and his Sunshine, and Her. His wonderful, beautiful dancer. He’ll find her again some day.

Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter


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