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197. You’ve been granted one wish?

The air had that good old Nawlins smell to it, smelled like sin, debauchery, abandon, and gumbo spice. He loved the smell, smelled like home to him. With her tucked under his arm, he was absolutely complete. In the place he called home, with the beautiful blond whose attention and love he’d somehow managed to attract, and a world free from evil megalomaniacs trying to convert or kill all that he knew. Merlin bless Saint Potter, and that was positively the last time he wanted to think *that* of all things. Grabbing her tiny hand in his larger one, he led them down to a particular street, “Love, you’ve got to try one of these beignets. It’s an integral part of the New Orleans experience."

After they’d finished their beignets and coffee and he showed her some of the highlights of the city, he took her to an old antique looking house. There lived Marcel and Tante Marie and Maman. Walking up the old stone steps, they walked in. He found them on the back porch, sipping their iced tea and chattering back and forth. “ Maman, Tante, I’ve brought someone special for you to meet. This is my Luna…” That was always where he woke up. Right before he could see Maman’s and Tante Marie’s reactions to the love of his life. But that life wasn’t his anymore, couldn’t be his, she did not remember him for her own safety and it was just best to leave it that way. But still if he could have one wish…that would be it.

Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter


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