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This random little girl at the one cafe near my favorite bookstore in London.

She was there with her mother and as her mother had turned away to get something out of her bag, for some strange reason, the little girl ran straight towards me, jumping into my lap like it was the most natural thing in the world. I understandably was startled, this sort of thing doesn't normally happen to me. There was something about her though that made me set my book aside. After I had set the book down, she smiled widely at me and after a few simple questions, I determined that her name was Kelly, that she was six and three-quarters, and that she liked this place most of all because they had really good sweets. She also mentioned that she wanted to run away with the circus and do acrobatics in the air like she'd just seen in one of the shows that had just come to the city. Throughout all of this, i've just been sitting there, nodding and smiling at the correct places, highly amused at this small little girl. After a minute or two, her mother makes her way over to us and apologized for the intrusion. Kelly had a particular talent for running off and she hoped it was too much of a nuisance. I assured her that it hadn't been and as the mother was dragging Kelly off, I heard her ask her daughter why she'd gone up to me. Kelly in all her childlike innocence replied that she had thought that I was looking sad and that I just needed someone to teach me how to smile again. I returned to my book and cup of coffee with a smile on my face, musing about how unlikely what had happened was and the unlikelihood of it ever happening to me again. But not even those thoughts could wipe the smile off my face, for the rest of the day, I saw a small chubby face with blond hair and blue eyes, smiling widely, completely unafraid when talking to a complete stranger. It was odd but rather pleasant all in all.

Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter


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