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171. Biggest mistake made in a relationship.

The biggest mistake I’ve ever made in a relationship was to erase any traces that it had ever existed. It was during the war and I was one of the nameless few that assisted Potter in the task that he had set out to do. It was a challenge fitting for any Slytherin and I do not regret my involvement in it. Because of the nature of what I did, I believe that only the Golden Trio and possibly Lupin knew of my true loyalties. Everyone else assumed that I was merely playing one side against the other. Therein lay the danger, because to the vast majority of the “Light” side, I was still the enemy. My relationship with my girl would not have gone over well and there were far too many chances that someone would discover us and then try to use one of us against the other. I could not allow that to happen.

So in the interest of protecting her from anyone who meant us harm, I removed all memories of me from her and from anyone who knew about our relationship.

I thought it was the only way she could be safe.

I was wrong.

Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter


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