Nov. 4th, 2008

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It had been an awesome evening, one might say. There had been a party that he and Duel had gone to, sans children of any ages or types (not that he didn't love them all dearly, the ones that were his and the ones that were hers, they were all theirs anyway). There had been good music, good food, good wine, and some excellent dancing. He missed little things like this sometimes just dancing with his red headed goddess carefree, no real crises, nothing pressing to solve or do, just them in that place at that time, dancing and being.

The after party in the luxurious hotel room had also been awesome, with sides of amazing, superlative, and Oh Merlin was that legal? They'd loved until the sun came up and then fell asleep, her snuggled closely into him.

He suspected that Jamie had been conceived that night. Which was equally awesome because for all the fear and pain bringing his little whirlwind into the world caused, he'd not trade his little man for anything else.

It had also been awesome to shock the living daylights out of Kimber. Again.

Blaise Zabini
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