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Something Old

The box he held in his hands was old and not a little battered. It had been something that he had salvaged from Papa Zabini's things before his mother had gotten rid of them all. He'd treasured it and kept it safely hidden from his mother. It had been the ring box that Papa Zabini had proposed to his mother with. Blaise had dug it out of storage in order to use it today. He hadn't used it the first time around with Duel, they'd had a quick wedding after finding out about Alana and there hadn't been time to dig it out of the storage. In addition to which, he'd forgotten that there had already been a ring there. A lovely delicate piece of silver with moonstones. The ring he'd bought for Luna...he'd taken the ring out and decided to send it to William, to see if his son thought it was a good ring for Risse. No sense letting it go to waste. If Will did not care for it, then he'd give it to one of the girls, or have it sold.

Something New

The ring resting inside the box now was one that he had specifically designed for his wife. Silver and emeralds put into a Celtic knotwork pattern that he knew his wife would appreciate. He'd been waiting for a week or so for the right time to propose again. The ring in the box was burning a hole in his pocket, so to speak. His best friend, Millicent had laughed at him for being so impatient. He hadn't had any qualms the first time, the fact he was nervous now, after having been married for so long and having six children with the woman, made Millie almost hurt herself with laughing. Neville, Millie's husband had only smiled and offered Blaise a good deal on the flowers for the ceremony.

Something Borrowed

He borrowed Kimber's daughter Risse, Will's soon to be fiancée to help get him to the Dueling Association without alerting his wife. She was in her office today, doing the paperwork that they both hated and he just could not wait any longer to ask. It was going to drive him bananas. He found her there and with a perfectly serious face walked around to kneel at her side, holding up the box and opening it. "Dulinte Sisterra Zabini, would you do me the honor of marrying me again?"

Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter
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