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What have I outlived?

I've outlived seven years of school with Snape, Crabbe, Goyle, Malfoy, and Saint Potter - which I assure you was easier said than actually done. I have outlived the war that happened, not Voldemort and the Death Eaters, I mean the war that happened after that. The Muggleborn wars, where being pureblood was almost a crime, and hate crimes were at an all time high. It came to fighting in the street and rioting. It was a bad thing to be a wizard in Britain.

I survived the losing my first love and then finding her once again only to realize that she didn't know who I was or what we had shared. To this day, she's never remembered. I see her every now and then in passing. She's happy with her husband and the small ones and every time I see her hurts just a little less.

I outlived my mother, may she burn in hell. I have outlived all of her husbands too.

I have outlived several attempts on my life. Including my son, Brayden trying to inadvertently blow up the house, and the twins' pet dragon and gryphon.

I've outlived my father in law trying to murder me for knocking up his baby girl before we were "legally wed." My father coming after me with a vengeance because he thought I was one of the sleeper Death Eater agents that hadn't been marked but were working to foment more rebellion among the already unstable society.

So yeah...I've outlived a lot so far.
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