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Is Redemption truly possible?

Now here's a worthy question to be asked. Redemption is truly possible, for those who truly desire it. At least that's the tripe that most everyone will tell you. They forget to tell you that redemption in any form requires sweat, blood, and tears. Requires a certain amount of humility and self -abasement.

There are still some people who believe by virtue of the House I was sorted into, that I am irredeemably evil and that anything good that I am perceived to do is just a sham. That I love my wife and children is just me pretending to be good until I find a new Dark Lord or position myself into such places where I might wield some authority for the evil side rather than for the light one.

Personally I think it's all bollocks. Zabinis have never been light or dark families, we've always muddled around in the gray areas. My mother taking Voldemort's side was a fluke and something that she paid for dearly in the end. She misused the gifts that she had been given and in the end...well I won't go into it here. Her actions pushed me into taking a stronger stance than I might have otherwise taken. I do not regret it.

I worked my contacts and the company that I had been given to help Golden Boy Potter and his band of merry misfits. Not that I think they ever really knew it. There were several Slytherins who worked alongside them - not that I think anyone really remembers us.

But we were there. We remember and we've been incorporating ourselves into this new society being forged.

So to answer the question - yes and no. Personal redemption is possible, public redemption less so.
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