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It was time. He'd led a long and full life. Kept the family business running and running well and now it was time to go. He looked around his office one last time, smiling to himself. He'd had some good times in this office and he was proud of this company that he had helped to build back up. He'd revitalized it and taken it in some new directions, opening it up to new markets untapped by other Wizarding businesses. They were mostly an inport/export after all. They could tap into the Muggle markets without ever breaking the Statures of Secrecy. It was a fine company and he was proud to have had a part in it. Now his part in all of this was ending.

It was time to go.

Today was his last day at the office. And while he was a little sad to see it go, he relished the fact that he could free up his days to play more with his youngest and...his wife. He was looking forward to it, Duel had once told him that she would retire when he did.

That day was today. He hadn't told her yet. He was preparing a good dinner with wine and candles and Kimber was babysitting Jamie. So they'd dine, he'd tell her, and then they'd have great make up sex after she tried to pick a fight with him about it.

He picked up his briefcase and left the room. Aiyana would be moving into it tomorrow. He wished her all the luck in the world.

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Harry Potter
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