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...So that was how we came to say goodbye to the likes of Mauricio. Not a bad sort, but definitely no match for my mother, his poor heart gave out under all the excitement of having a younger, more vibrant wife. The Aurors gave the house a through examination and the Mediwizards cleared my mother of all alleged wrongdoing. It'd been a whirlwind romance and of course they had been just far too carried away to sit down and soberly discuss all manner of things like the state of one's health.

So my mother claimed. I was never quite sure what really happened with him. As far as I knew, she'd not gotten bored with him yet and he hadn't been the violent sort or anything other than loving and adoring to my mother and pleasant to me.

And that was how her second husband had died. It was then that slowly I could see her soul breaking away bit by bit. At least that's when it started. She started to throw herself more and more into her rituals. It was slightly scary to see her doing all of this. I was still a young child, around the ages of 7,8. She had no more time for me.

Which I didn't exactly take well to. It continued like this for about a year until I met David. David was a mediwizard at one of the smaller hospitals, my nanny had brought me in because I'd shattered one of my wrist bones playing with my toy broom on the playground. David was nice to me, one of the few to be truly nice to me. He fixed me up and gave me a sweet from Honeydukes and then sent me home after getting my contact information from the nanny.

He came to check in on me the very next day. He even helped me with my flying. I ended up giggling madly when he hefted me over his shoulder and twirled me around and around. That was how Mother found us.

Initially she wasn't happy. But David was unapologetic as he explained why he was there and then she seemed to warm up towards him a little.

Blaise Zabini
Harry Potter
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